About us

What we Do

The foundation was founded in 2005 by Ehsan Turabaz and since then has focused on setting up and supporting various projects in Afghanistan, raising funds and providing education and information about Afghanistan as well as keeping Afghanistan on the (political) agenda.

Our Mission

To support and promote social, cultural and educational projects in Afghanistan, as well as communities outside Afghanistan, as well as anything directly related to or likely to be conducive to them, all in the broadest sense of the word.

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The History


Britain recognizes Afghanistan independence


Afghanistan stays out of World War II


Prince Muhammed Daud Khan becomes prime minister and pursues a neutral course. Afghanistan receives aid from both the United States and the Soviet Union.


Afghanistan gets a constitution and becomes a constitutional monarchy. On January 1, 1965, the (Marxist) People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan was founded. Nur Muhammad Taraki is elected Secretary-General.


Ehsan is born on February 11


King Zahair Shah is deposed by his nephew Daud Khan. The Republic of Afghanistan is proclaimed.


Invasion of the Russian army. President Daud Khan is assassinated.


Establishment of a communist regime in Afghanistan


Ehsan flees to the Netherlands and arrives at his aunt Rahima in Eindhoven


Dr. Najibullah declares himself president


Russian army retreats


Capture of Kabul by Mudjhahedin forces


The Taliban control 95% of the country


President George W. Bush begins his “War on Terrorism.” The search for Osama Bin Laden begins. The fall of the Taliban regime


Reconstruction of Afghanistan.


A new constitution has been put into effect with equal rights for men and women. Free elections; Karzai is elected President.


Transitional Government. The United Nations Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) has an important role to play in both the political track and humanitarian aid and socio-economic reconstruction.


August 15 is the Fall of Kabul. Taliban in power.


On March 6, 2022, Ehsan passed away.


The Board Members

Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz (Chairman)

Dick Scherjon (Secretary)

Arno van Dijken, (Treasury)

Huria Taufiqui

Chris Cramer

Isabelle Turabaz

Committee of Recommendation

The Remuneration Policy

The foundation consists of a board and volunteers. The board performs its function on a voluntary basis and does not receive any salary or other remuneration for the work performed. The members of the board are entitled to an expense allowance for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, as laid down in the articles of association.

The foundation currently does not employ any paid staff, should this change in the future will be mentioned here and made transparent in the annual financial report.